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A world with easy access to credit, anywhere & anytime.


  • Create greater global accessibility
  • Create efficiency
  • Remove unnecessary transactional costs by cutting out the middleman

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 Built of the foundations of deep industry experience & a partnership with a pioneering FinTech business, Lodex, with over 50,000 users & $400 million in product auctions.


Backed by Experience

Michael Phillipou
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Bill Kalpouzanis
Co-Founder & Co CEO
Aisha Hillary-Morgan
Director, Marketing & Communications
Michael Esber
Chief Technology Officer
Marina Stedile
Customer Experience Manager
Rebecca Tait
Digital Strategist & Distribution
Vaihbav Namburi
Chief Technical Architect
Jodie Hanna
Platform Services Manager
Tassos Gazetas
Head of Data & Analytics
Makis Kroustallis
Technical Lead
Srikanth Chevelam
Software Engineer
Ravneet Ghuman
Growth Marketer | Digital Specialist


Spiros Margaris
Advisor | Influencer & Venture Capitalist
Andrew McEvoy
Advisor | Media & Public Relations
Efi Pylarinou
Advisor | FinTech & Blockchain Influencer
Tal Cohen
Advisor | Blockchain Expert
Greg Berry
Advisor | Data Security & Cloud
Greg Papagrigoris
Advisor | Corporate Finance
Richard Prangell
Advisor | Legal
Chris Karatsiolis
Advisor | Business Development
Arnie Chaudhuri
Advisor | Blockchain & Capital Markets
Joseph Ghaly
Advisor | Strategy & Capital Markets
Paul Kang
Advisor | Cyber Security
Akasha Indream
Advisor | Blockchain Corporate Strategy Advisor
Leo Lopez
Advisor | Capital Markets
Elad Schulman
Advisor | Security & Monitoring


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The BLOCKLOAN platform will connect borrowers directly with lenders, creating genuine efficiency, bridging the cash and crypto gap, anywhere, anytime.At BLOCKLOAN are building banking on blockchain technology to help solve access to credit globally.

BLOCKLOAN is backed by the technology smarts, speed to market learnings and world pioneers in blockchain, crypto, AI and financial markets of the Lodex.co team.The Lodex platform already has over 50 000 members and over $400 million in loans auctioned, within 10-months. It’s proven the need for a different way of accessing loans and deposits and has disrupted the financial industry in Australia. We are now evolving this platform and creating a blockchain global solution.

Our current roadmap is as follows;Secure Transactional Wallet – A smart wallet for your assets now and in the future Debit Card to access and transact day to day using your crypto funds Personal Crypto-fiat Loans using your crypto as collaterals Crypto Margin Lending using your equities as Collateral in order to invest in crypto assets We’ll outline further details of these products shortly (along with expected timelines).

You! Once we go into our public sale BLOCKLOAN is for the person who wants to open a highly-secure crypto wallet, or use their crypto for day to day transactions, or leverage their crypto holdings to take out a loan in fiat without selling their cryptos or even who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies without selling their existing equities.

To join the pre-sale you must register and undertake KYC (Know Your Customer) with us to join the whitelist. Once whitelisted you will be able to participate in the pre-sale.

Through BLOCKLOAN users can access fiat and crypto loans by using their crypto as collaterals as well as crypto margin loans by using their securities (equity portfolios) as a collateral in order to invest in the new asset class of cryptocurrencies. These products are expected to be available in 2019 (subject to completing the token offering).